All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.


Dear Comrades,

You are aware that CHQ issued a Call to all of you to collect donation from our members towards the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund to help victims of the unprecedented widespread rains and devastating floods. We consciously issued the Call because AIBSNLPWA is an organization of matured senior citizens of the country committed to launch struggles to achieve our demands and also committed to the society in general.

1) I am happy to note that many of our branches, though bit late, started responding positively to the Call. But, on this deadline of 30,September 2019, we have not achieved even 40% of the targeted collections. The momentum has picked up just few days back only. The Statement given below reveals the actual position as on date.

2) Some Secretaries have requested extension of the date so that they can collect some more amount after September Pension is received by our members.

3) Due to elections in different assembly segments, most of the Cabinet Ministers will be busy in October 2019.

4) There are number of holidays in the month also.

Hence, considering all the above facts, it is decided to extend the date to Saturday, 26,October 2019. I earnestly call upon all Circle/District/Branch Secretaries to intensify collections in first week of October 2019 and complete the task before 26, October 2019 itself. Please make over the amount so collected to CHQ Treasurer on regular intervals. That will enable us to assess the situation from time to time. Once the total collection reaches the Target we will fix the programme to make over our contributions, with due intimation to all of you.

Immediately after remitting your contribution to CHQ account online, please intimate invariably the details to Treasurer to help him issue Receipts properly. Where intimation is not received we have no alternative but to issue receipt to ‘Unidentified’.

Yours fraternally,

General Secretary, 30-9-2019

To see the statement of Receipts please click here: