All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.


Dear Comrades,

Happy New Year to you.

Calendar is a concept only. In India itself we had different new Year Days and different Calendars. In the Calendar, we get in Kerala, four Dates are shown; 1) Roman Calendar date 2)Saka Varsha date 3) Hijara Date and 4) Malayalam (Kollam) date. Old people, especially in our villages, follow their traditional calendar for rituals.

Today is the first day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar, introduced from 15-10-1582 by the Pope Gregory modifying the Julian calendar that existed for 1600 years. Both are known as Roman Calendars.

Many people think that now 2020 years have passed since cruzification of Jesus Christ. It is not correct. Because Julian calendar was modified several times. Originally the year started with March; then changed to January. The seventh month was named after Emperor Julius Caesar of Rome. Hence known as July. After some time his grand nephew Augustus Caesar took over the reins. The eighth month was named after him and known as August. Not only that. Since July had 31 days August was also given 31 days modifying the system. So, it need not be exactly 2020 years.

It is a concept only.This Gregorian Calendar was imposed on us by British rule.It is now universally accepted and hence is the only standard one approved by Governments all over the world.


Analysts say that 2020 will be a tough year for all Telcos in India. Some companies will exit from the field. Some will survive.

The article in Business Standard on 30, December 2019 states that Vodafone Idea has lost 3.66 crore subscribers in the previous month. The company is facing the largest loss. Bharti Airtel is also in trouble. After VRS, the BSNL will face the problem of acute staff shortage. When the management is very stiff, how many VRS retirees will go back and work on contract basis?

Both the employees and retirees have to struggle a lot. We have crossed many rough waters. We shall move ahead. Let us face the challenge. Let us make it a memorable year. Move to 2020 with confidence and determination to settle our demands.

…. P S Ramankutty