All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.


Dear Comrades,

I pen these lines strictly as personal notes with malice to none.

Today, on 31-01-2020, about 86000 comrades are coming out of their offices under VRS. Rather, they are forced to quit. It marks end of an era. A generation of workers is going out; with empty hands. They have not received the wages for 62 days’ labour. For 31 days in December 2019 and 31 days in January 2020. They are not paid the first instalment of ‘attractive ex-gratia”, as assured. They have to wait. They gave their blood, their sweat and their tears for development of Indian telecommunication infrastructure. Most of them did not see the AC rooms. They worked in remote hamlets of India, in the forests where wild animals were wandering.

I was not interested to see the skyscrapers in cities. I preferred to see the villages and the people living there. I had seen how our comrades were working there.

I know a Telephone lineman who had to spend two hours on the top of new telephone pole erected in a deep forest as a wild elephant was standing down smelling a human being somewhere. Having no response from the above Lineman, others working at a distance came and found that man on the top of the pole and the elephant below. In old days, our people had to erect poles and lines in such areas and conditions. One line of 5 or 8 KMs to give one telephone connection. 30-40 KMs of lines from one hill to another hill to connect two villages.

They erected huge mobile towers in remote villages and forests, on top of the hills and in the valleys.

The Boss sitting in AC room in Sanchar Bhavan or Bharat Sanchar Bhavan shouts at these people and say: “Get out if you don’t want to work…” The bosses should understand that there is a day for each of them too.

After sending out 50% of staff, the management is asking them to come back and work as “Commission Agents” under a scheme called BREAD! How many will bite this bread?

The heroes are coming out. Let us welcome them, the people who worked to the midst of those work for the welfare of pensioners.