All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.

THE VRS and .....


Within two weeks, the Management of BSNL/MTNL has achieved the target. More than 80,000 people of BSNL and 13414 people of MTNL have opted for VRS. The counter is open till 3-12-2019.

There are many doubts in the mind of employees; but fear psychosis is overwhelming.

.... What will happen to BSNL and MTNL with depleted staff strength?

.... What will happen to the rural telecommunication service?

.... How new service can be provided to people with 4G, if allotted to BSNL?

.... Whether the pension cases will be settled soon by DoT Cells when one lakh people retire suddenly? will VRS Optees get pension in February 2020?

.... As BSNL has not paid the pension contribution can DoT settle the pension cases?

.... As BSNL has not remitted the GPF contribution deducted from the salary of staff how accumulated GPF amount can be paid to retirees?

.... How commuted portion of pension can be paid after five years without amending the rules?

There are many such questions…..

No answer from BSNL/MTNL Management.

AUAB leaders met the Director yesterday. They got only one assurance from the Director that October salary will be paid on 28, November 2019!

What about November Salary? No answer.

Unfortunately, AUAB leaders are not unanimous in facing the crisis. Hence the proposed 3 days hunger strike from 20-11-2019 stands postponed, as reported in the website of BSNLEU.