All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.



Nellore District Conference was held on 19-06-2024.K.S.Koteswara Rao A. P Circle president, D. Venkateswara Rao A.P Circle Secretary , Thirupathi Dist Secretary A. R Soundara Rajan and Prakasam Dist Secretary are attend and addressed.V. Lakshminarayana, K. Suryanarayana and P. Jilanikhan are elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Letter addressed to hon'ble MOC , Welcoming him and seeking his kind intervention to direct DOT to implement PB CAT Judgement regarding PENSION REVISION to BSNL Retirees with effect from 01-01-2017 on the basis of CPC formula.



District Conference of TRIVANDRUM was held on 11-6-24.

All India Advisor Com PSR inaugurated. Dist President SG Panicker presided. , Shyamkumar (AIRBSNLEWA), TP George(Circle Secretary ), K Ravindran(Circle President) shared the dias have addressed.

New Office-bearers of TRIVANDRUM District elected are:

President: S G Panicker

District Secretary: V Sivarajan

Treasurer: S Rajdev





The biennial general meeting of AIBSNLPWA District Bhopal Branch was held on 9th June 2024 in Bhopal in the chairmanship of Com. V.S. Thakur, Circle Secretary. Com. D.R.Kori, Com. N.K. Garg and Com. Arun Srivastava were unanimously elected as District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively.


General Body meeting was held at Puducherry on 27-5-2024.

GS Com Vara Prasad addressed.

Com Hariharan DS Puducherri & others on the dias.


The 8th District Conference of AIBSNLPWA, Cuddalore, was held successfully on the 28th of May, 2024.

It has witnessed over 400 members participating.

Distinguished Guests and Speakers: - Com. V. Varaprasad, General Secretary - Com. P. Jayaraman, Assistant General Secretary - Com. S. Sundara Krishnan, Circle Secretary - Com. A. Sugumaran, Veteran Leader - Sri. S. Balachandran, General Manager, BSNL Cuddalore

Newly Elected Office Bearers: - District President: Com. K. Chandramohane - District Secretary: Com. R. Asokan - District Treasurer: Com. Nandakumar


Ordered on 31-05-2024.

1.These are applications filed by the petitioners seeking early hearing of the writ petitions as also stay of the contempt petition initiated by the respondents.

2. We may note that the matter was last listed on 05-04-2024 when it was adjourned at the request of learned counsel for the petitioners to 12-07-2024.

3. While adjourning the matter, this court had clarified that neither any notice had been issued in the writ petitions nor was the impugned order stayed.

4. In these circumstances, we see absolutely no reason to entertain the present applications on the last working day on 31-05-2024, when the petitioners had sufficient time to move such applications if there was any grave urgency for preponement of next date of hearing.

5. We therefore , dismiss the applications with costs of Rs 10000/- in each of the matters , making it clear that the dismissal of these applications will not affect the merits of the application for stay already pensing before this Court.

6. Costs in terms of this order will be paid to Delhi High Court Staff Welfare Fund within a period of four weeks.


Cat is out of the bag

One information secured under RTI is in circulation in social media. I contacted that person and got the following information:- Shri Amarnath Thakur of Kolkatta Telephones (VRS-2019 scheme retiree – retired on 31/1/2020 - and at the time of retirement, he worked as Senior GM (Admn) in Kolkatta Telephones) sought information about the file notings on implementation of PB, CAT order dated 20/9/2023 and the reply received from nodal departments.He told me that he heard all my audios about the pension revision issue and appreciated our clear approach. I asked him whether he is our member and he told that he is a member of SNPWA because one of his close friends asked him to join it.He also said that “I am following your line of approach” on the issue of pension revision. Though he got copy of the replies, from nodal departments to DoT, they did not supply the file notings of DoT. He said that he is going to appeal for the same tomorrow. The replies received from the nodal departments reveals the following facts:- DoT sought the opinion of nodal departments on 27/9/2023 (exactly one week after the PB, CAT order) On 17/10/2023 Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) replied that they have no role and it has to be decided by DoT and Department of Pension On 20/10/2023 Department of Legal Affairs stated “it seems to be a fit case for challenge. However, DoT may take decision in consultation with DoP&PW and DPE , being the nodal departments on the issue in hand. On 15/11/2023 DoP&PW in its reply quoted para 28 of PB, CAT order.It further stated “Since, the Hon’ble CAT has ordered for revision of pension and family pension strictly as per relevant rules, it is for DoT to take an administrative decision in the matter. DoP&PW has no further comments to offer”. On 4/1/2024 DoE replied “In this regard, the view taken by the Administrative Ministry for challenging the order 20/9/2023 of the CAT (PB), New Delhi appears to be appropriate.Accordingly, DoT is requested to defend the interest of UoI on behalf of Secretary (Expenditure).DoT is also requested to get the draft reply vetted by DPE, DoP&PW and DoE before filing W.P in the High Court of Delhi”.

So, the main culprit is DoT because they only decided to go for appeal.All the offiers in DoT and Hon MoC have misled all the associations. They lost the credibility before the pensioners community. DoE played its part against the interest of pensioners. The main nodal department i.e. Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare, which is the authority on pension matters, has not suggested to challenge the order of PB, CAT. In my opinion, they have only understood the issue in its perspective. Even Department of Legal Affairs has thrown the ball only to DoT., DoE, without understanding the issue, has suggested to consult DPE.

We have given this input to our lawyer.

D Gopalakrishnan, CHQ President 21/5/2024





Contempt Petition on Pension Revision issue is listed to be heard on 29th April 2024 in PB CAT Delhi for ADMISSION vide C.P /300/2024 (Delhi) Contempt Petition (Senior Citizen) Original OA/1329/2020 .


A contempt petition has been filed on behalf of our association against Dr Niraj Mittal, Secretary Telecom and other respondents, for not honoring the judgment of the Principal Bench, Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), Delhi.

Date of Filing: April 22, 2024

Dairy Number: 4142/2024

DOT has filed WP before the Hon Delhi High Court on 21-3-24 against PB CAT judgement on pension revision which was heard on 05-04-24 with ditections to post it to 12-7-24, next date of hearing.


It's understandable that the delay in releasing the CPI (IW) for February 2024 is causing concerns, especially regarding the timely grant of increases in IDA to PSU executives, non-executives, and retirees. Delays in routine matters like this can indeed be unusual and disruptive. Unfortunately, no specific information for the reasons behind the delay is known. Labour Bureau's silence is strange and apprehensive.



ABHA-ID-LINKAGE WITH CGHS BENEFICIARY ID office-memorandum-regarding-abha-id-linkage-with-cghs-15.04.24.pdf

LInking of ABHA number with CGHS card has been extended for a period of 120 days w.e.f 30-06-2024.


At the outset, learned counsel for the petitioners requests for an adjournment.

While adjourning the matters at the request of learned counsel for the petitioners, it is made clear that this Court has neither issued notice in the petitions nor granted any stay and, therefore, the Tribunal will be free to proceed with the contempt petition, if any, preferred by the respondents, as per law.

List on 12.07.2024.



District Conference of Bhavnagar Dist. (Gujarat) was held on 7th April 2024.

Following Members are Elected unanimously, for the year 2024 - 26 ( Next two years)


Secretary:- Com N M Vyas

Treasurer: Com H K Kantariya