All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.



Com K Jayaraj, GS, AIBDPA has issued a lengthy circular to celebrate 13th foundation day. He has every right to give such a call. He has claimed that every achievement is because of AIBDPA. But pensioners know the truth.

He has given some incorrect and false information. I want to put the record straight.


Formation conference of TUI (P&R) was held in February 2014 and not 2013.

Com VAN attended that conference on behalf of CITU and not AIBDPA.

AIBDPA was not affiliated to TUI (P&R) then in 2014.


Regarding Pension anomaly case, without knowing the facts he has given wrong information. The rule that In no case pension should be less than 50% of minimum of corresponding revised pay was available even in 1998 as per DoP&PW order. Even before 2011 order, that benefit was given in 2003 itself. For example Com. R Ranganathan of CTO, Chennai and Com. G R Dharmarajan of Madurai got their pension at Rs.4285/- ( 50% of IDA pay of 8570) before the so-called 2011 order.

Recent DoT order is not based on Supreme Court order as mentioned by Com Jayaraj but based on CAT order. He is trying to portray a picture that because we have filed a case they could not settle.

It is a big joke.

We filed the case only in May 2014. The issue of anomaly was there since 2002. BSNLEU was the only recognised union for many years and AIBDPA was working with them in tandem.

Why they could not settle between 2002 and 2014?

I stop with this and I don’t want to expose their lack of understanding on the issue.

D Gopalakrishnan, Vice President, AIBSNLPWA