All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.

Deliberations/Decisions in virtual meeting held on 26-12-2021

During last 30 months, hundreds of our members and some leaders lost their lives due to covid pandemic and other reasons . Nation lost some of the brave soldiers including Chief of Defence Staff in helicopter crash in Tamilnadu. About 700 farmers in heroic struggle of an year, leaders from various fields like political, social, cultural, art etc have passed away during this period. Homage was paid to all of them.

1. ORGANIZATIONAL REVIEW Out of 34 CHQ office bearers, 26 have attended in the meeting. Two have informed their inability to attend. 6 were absent. Out of 21 Circles ,14 Circle Secretaries were present and 7 CSs were absent including major Circles like PUNJAB and TELENGANA.

Organizational discipline and minimum courtesy demands intimation in advance or at least after the meeting about their inability to CHQ. Total PAID (as per CHQ quota received) LIFE MEMBERSHIP stood at 61,395 as on 22-12-2021.

During this pandemic, our Branches/Districts could add about 18,000 mostly through online enrollment. But compared to VRS retirees of nearly 79,000, this addition is not upto the expectation. Tamilnadu is leading in the FIRST PLACE with 14,300 LIFE MEMBERS followed by AP with 9,246 and KARNATAKA with 7919 in second and third places respectively. Now we expect further increase as physical meetings started for the last 3/4 months. PUNJAB was the first Circle to hold the Circle Conference physically during November 2021. Kerala Circle conference is scheduled to be held in March 2022. Other Circle/ District/ Branch conferences have to be held before September 2022, of course, keeping the CAUTION of new variant in mind and following the COVID protocols. Our office bearers at various levels should concentrate mostly to enroll VRS retirees to reach our goal of crossing ONE LAKH membership.

2. Next AIC It was decided to hold next ALL INDIA CONFERENCE by AP CIRCLE at VISAKHAPATNAM during NOVEMBER 2022, if everything goes well .

As per existing practice, all Districts have to send Rs 50 per member to CHQ as AIC fees.

Keeping the huge expenses involved in the costliest city and to provide the required minimum facilities like cot, hot water, etc. to the delegates , CHQ expects to collect a sum of Rs 30 Lakhs as AIC fees and make over to the host circle.

Delegation Fee shall be Rs 1000 per delegate.

No visitors shall be allowed.

Host Branch/Circle shall initiate the necessary process accordingly.


a). PENSION ANOMALY CASE. As per DOT order dt. 7-10-2021, almost all CCAs have started issuing the revision orders of live cases. Circles like Tamilnadu ,Kerala, Karnataka, AP,MH , Rajasthan, Odisha have given the details. But other Circles were silent.

All Circle Secretaries have been requested to ensure that all the beneficiaries are paid their arrears.

Utilize this opportunity to enroll new members and also convince them to pay donations as already notified by CHQ since it is purely our victory. Some of the beneficiaries have already paid the donation. One beneficiary by name Com Warrior from Palghat (Kerala) paid a donation of Rs. one lakh.
b) PENSION REVISION CASE. Next hearing of the case is on 10-2-2022 in PB CAT New Delhi. We are hoping that final hearing will take place.

c). 78.2% IDA...ARREARS CASE. 78.2 % merger arrears from1-1-2007 to 9-6-2013 still pending in CAT, Ernakulam, Kerala.

d) LPD case of pre 1-1-2006 retirees. Case pending in High Court , Ernakulam, Kerala. Both cases in Ernakulam are pending due to pandemic situation in Kerala

4. NEXT CWC MEETING. Next virtual CWC meeting shall be held in March/ April 2022.

P Gangadhara Rao

General Secretary