All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.

Issue of increment on regular promotion to a scale

Denial of benefit of fixation under FR22© for those executives who retired between July 2017 and May 2018.

Between 22nd& 25th March 2022 we visited Delhi and we discussed this issue with Director (Estt) and explained as follows:-

The Executives who retired prior to July 2017 and those who retired after May 2018 got the benefit of increment one for lateral promotion and another for vertical promotion in the same scale of pay under FR22©.There was objection by audit and through court intervention got the benefit by giving an undertaking that it is subject to final verdict from the court.But the same benefit was denied to those retired in the in-between period of 10 months.This issue was discussed with Director (Estt.).He told that there should be uniformity and either all should get or all should not get.We told him that DoT cannot go against the judgement and the officials who retired during this 10 months period also should get it by giving a similar undertaking.He said that it is getting examined.

On 26/07/2022 again we discussed this issue with Director (Estt) during our visit.

He said that will be looked into.

DoT has issued the order on 20th February 2023 vide No.40-12/2004-Pen(ST)(pt) conceding our request. DoT took one year to issue this order. Anyway we thank DoT for removing the discrimination.

DOT's order pension_dot-om-dated-20th-feb-2023.pdf