All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.

I ADMIT the pleasant DEFEAT


Normally I do not easily admit defeat. I would try, try and try. But, here I admit defeat. I expected some 100 photos of the dharna programme on 22-11-2018. But before 12 noon, about 150 photos reached my phone. By 1.30 PM 438 photos came. Then it was increasing every minute. After inaugurating the dharna at Kochi I had to go to my village for a wedding function. There was no wifi. There were no signals. And photos were coming. By 7.30 PM it reached around 900. By night 11 PM the number became 1600. Some branches sent 25-30 photos. Such was the enthusiasm. Such was the spirit. It was an astounding success. In every circle. In MP police denied permission due to election. In Chennai it was raining heavily. Nothing stopped our comrades. After reaching my home at Trivandrum today I have to select few photos for the website and Patrika. Here I faced the defeat. I deleted those photos repeated. Finally there are about 400 photos. Since my phone got jammed on 22-11-2018 I am unable to identify the places. So I have no way but to upload the photos without naming the station. I admit defeat before the amazing enthusiasm of our comrades.