All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.

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1.Name: Name of the Society shall be ALL INDIA BSNL PENSIONERS’ WELFARE ASSOCIATION, hereinafter called the Association.

2.Jurisdiction: The jurisdiction of the Association shall be whole of India. 

3.Headquarters: The Headquarters of the Association shall be at B-1, 2nd Floor, 3/2 Srinivasa Avenue Road, R A Puram, Chennai 600028.

4.Aims and Objects: The aims and objects of the Association shall be: 

(a) To promote, protect and safeguard the interests and welfare of persons retired from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited as well as Department of Telecom and their family members without any political or communal or regional or cadre bias. 

(b) To work in unison/coordination with the organizations with similar aims and objects for the overall well-being of the pensioner community in the country.

(c) To work in close and live contact with service organizations of BSNL staff.

(d) To redress the grievances of members of the Association resorting to appropriate action, including legal. 

(e) To run journal/journals for projecting the issues concerning BSNL retirees and central government service pensioners in particular and senior citizens in general. 

(f) To establish, maintain and run old age homes etc. for the needy and to undertake such other charitable and welfare activities. 


(a) No person who has not retired from the service of the BSNL or the erstwhile Department of Telecom shall be eligible to become member of the Association. A retired BSNL/DOT employee shall be admitted as a member of the Association on payment of Rupees Ten (Rs.10.00) as Admission Fee alongwith the Membership subscription which shall be Rs 100( Rupes One hundred) for an year or Rs 1000 (Rupees One thousand) for life time.

(b) Members in default shall have no right to participate in the meetings or elections without clearing the arrears up to date.

(c) Cessation of Membership: A person shall cease to be a member of the Association by resignation, death , disqualification, insolvency or liquidation of for non-attending without taking leave for absence three consecutive meetings of the general body/Committee as the case may be. Such member who is disqualified and expelled from the Association can be readmitted as member by the Circle Conference/All India Conference on receiving a formal request from the concerned person. 

6. Eligibility to become Office-bearers: No person who is not a member of the Association shall be eligible to become office-bearer, except Patron and Advisor, of the Association at National level. 

7. Organizational Set-up: The Association shall have the following organizational set-up at the national, circle and district levels: 

(a) National level: All India Conference and Central Working Committee. The All India Conference shall comprise of the members of Central Executive Committee and the delegates from District Units. The All India Conference shall be the Supreme Body of All India BSNL Pensioners’ Welfare Association. The Central Working Committee shall comprise of the following Central Office-Bearers elected by the previous All India Conference and Circle Secretaries: One President Vice Presidents One General Secretary. One Deputy General Secretary Assistant General Secretaries. Organising Secretaries One Treasurer Assistant Treasurers