All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.


STRANGE is the way of BSNL Management. Some people (mainly Executives) got their promotion immediately after the date of formation of BSNL, 1-10-2000. Some of them were permitted to switch over to IDA pay scales from the date of their promotion. That too after legal fight. Then the question came how their pay should be fixed.DOT asked BSNL to furnish details.

Corporate Office sent a letter to all circles on 12-11-2014.Then another letter was sent on 1-12-2014. Thereafter reminders and reminders were sent on following dates also

3, February 2015

23, March 2015

3, July 2015

4, September 2015

12, November 2015

22, February 2016

13, April 2016

22, June 2016

26, July 2016

18, September 2017

9, March 2018

4, October 2018

and finally

12, December 2018.

All letters and reminders were URGENT.

Even after 15 letters, 25 Circles have not furnished the data to Corporate Office. Corporate Office remains cool after sending reminders after reminders. This is the way the BSNL management honours Court verdicts.

Where is Justice?

Just compare this with our experience in Dept of Telecom some 30-35 years ago.

See the latest urgent reminder: remain-cool-after-remainders.pdf