All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.

General Secretary meets Smt Anuradha Mitra, Member (F), DOT

Today (4-4-19) , I met Smt. Anuradha Mitra , Member (F) along with Coms. Changappa CS and Ganeshan CT at BANGALORE in the office of CCA KTK.

At the outset, I Congratulated her for having launched the SAMPNN successfully . While giving a good feedback from the Pensioners who are getting Pension directly from CCA including sending SMS etc. , we expressed still our concern about a) getting form 16 and b) givinglife certificate. Smt. Linda DDG Accts. explained regarding Digital Life Certificate and Form 16. Member (F) assured that required care will be taken so that no Pensioner will be put to any difficulty.


1). Family Pension case of Smt. Manonmani, Thanjavur.She assured that action will be taken to settle it immediately.

2) Arbitrary reduction of LPD of those in the scale of 2550-2750 by CCA TN.

She told that a policy decision has to be taken.

3). Grant of minimum Pension of 9000/-

She told that for this also a policy decision has to be taken.

We requested her to do what ever is required from her side.

Finally I requested her to take initiative to solve our PENSION REVISION issue from 1-1-17. She told that this is in the domain of Member (S). When she was mentioning that DOP&PW hasn't taken any decision still , I explained the actual position and made over the copies of our letters to Secretary , Pension on 14-12-18, to JS , Pension on 12-2-19 and DOP&PW letter to DOT on 8-3-19.

We made out a point that DOT Establishment section is not taking the required action. In DOT, if anyone feelsthatthe hike given to us at the time of absorption and according to 2nd PRC isto be adjusted in future revisions , we will not allow it. We should continue to draw higher Pension for all the times to come.

At the end , we requested her to take the initiative as theCUSTODIANof BSNL/MTNL Pensioners in DOT and sort out our PENSION REVISION issue at the earliest.

P Gangadhara Rao GS