All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.


January 06th, 2017

Till 19-8-2009, most of the affected BSNL Pensioners were not aware of the fact that they were facing a serious anomaly in their pension. In the Chennai Tambaram conference held on 20-8-2009 to form AIBSNLPWA we told the pensioners about he Pension anomaly. Of course, our foremost demand was Pension Revision. We achieved it in 2011. Simultaneously we took up other cases also. We struggled a lot to fight the case. Details will be published in the next issue of our Patrika.

Below, Please see the scanned copy of Page No 8 of the very first issue our journal published in May 2010. [First it was released with the title of BSNL PENSIONERS VOICE].