All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.


The office of Finance Minister has provided an opportunity to any citizen to submit suggestions on new Budget proposals. It is a different matter if your suggestion will be considered or accepted. But there is an opportunity for you. Visit the website and submit your suggestion online. It should be brief. Nobody has time and patience to read lengthy Notes.

Today, I have submitted the following:

There are about 3 crore pensioners in India, including 65 lakh central service pensioners.

Pensionary benefits are not taxed, but pension of government employees and PSE pensioners are taxed.

Pension of MPs is not taxed on the plea that “ it is not salary but income from other sources”.

“Other sources” is nothing but Exchequer. Govt pensioners too get pension from same source.

Hence, PENSION of everybody should be out of tax net. Such a declaration by the MODI II Govt. will earn goodwill of 10-15 crore of people, though the beneficiaries may be 10% of that.

Taxes on Liquor and luxury items should be increased.

We do not produce gold. But we are second in the world in buying gold ornaments. This wealth is nonproductive; it helps neither the nation nor the society. Hence maximum tax should be imposed on gold transactions.

Tax on cars costing Rs 5 lakh or above may be increased.

.... P S Ramankutty ..