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(Retired from S -12 WITH Rs. 6500-10500 SCALE)

Please refer the posting about same issue given in this website few days ago (reproduced hereunder)

" The Sixth CPC submitted its report within stipulated time. Justice (Retd) B N Srikrishna and his team in sixth CPC did not bother to study the nature and responsibilities of various cadres in central services and recommend appropriate pay scales. Instead, they adopted a simple method: Add the Basic Pay and DA on 31-12-2005 and then grant a new element of Grade Pay. For Pensioners, the sixth CPC recommend a uniform benefit of 40% of Basic Pension. A serving employee with Basic Pay of Rs 5000 got increase of Rs 4200 as Grade Pay (84% of basic pay) plus consequent increase in HRA etc. For a Pensioner with basic pension of Rs. 5000 the increase was only Rs 2000. That was the brutal injustice done to pensioners by sixth CPC.

For the scale of Rs. 6500-10500, Rs 4200 was originally granted as Gr.Pay. Later on, the Finance Ministry issued an order on 13-11-2009 hiking the said Grade Pay to Rs. 4600. But, in 2017, for the purpose of Pension revision under seventh CPC, when the Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare prepared Concordance Tables for the said payscale of 6500-10500, Grade pay of Rs. 4200 was only taken into account.

AIBSNLPWA immediately pointed out this and took up the case through Bharat Pensioners Samaj. Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association, a member in SCOVA, also took up the matter. DoP&PW was not willing to change their stand.

Some aggrieved pensioners approached CAT. In all the cases disposed, the CAT directed the government to grant modified benefit with Grade Pay of Rs 4600.


All those DoT Pensioners retired from grade IV will get the benefit. Before October 1990, there were only few in grade IV in Telecom (in the pay scales of Rs 2000-3200 & 2000-3500). In 1990, BCR was introduced. 10 percent of Grade III was placed in grade IV. Later from 1-1-1996, they got the pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500. All those people retired from Grade IV before 1-10-2000 will get increase in their pension now. Once the revised Concordance Tables are issued by DoP&PW the concerned pensioners must apply to their CCAs with all available documents.

Note: above is not applicable to those BSNL staff retired after 1-10-2000 since there is no Grade Pay system in BSNL.


Now, on 22-5-2019, the Department of Expenditure (Finance Ministry) issued a new concordance table for the above section of pensioners taking Rs 4600 as Grade Pay.

And today, 9-7-2019, the DoP&PW also has endorsed it. Now, the CCAs can revise the pension of such comrades, mentioned above. It may take some time for CCA offices to identify all affected people. Hence, after waiting for a month or so, it is better that concerned pensioners submit applications quoting the order given below.




I have prepared a Ready reckoner to understand the benefits. It will help our comrades to assist the family pensioners. Most of them may get an increase of Rs 600-850 in basic pension. It is given below:.... PSR

Click on the link to see Ready reckoner ready-reckoner.pdf