All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.

Pension Revision Issue - Associations meeting with DOT-Member(S)

As scheduled today (17-10-2022) meeting was held under the chairmanship of Member (S) It was a pleasant, successful meeting.

On behalf of 9 associations we presented a memorandum rejecting zero percent and insisted for 7th CPC fitment factor. That was appreciated by some other Pensioners associations also.

Administration gave power point presentation. The benefit is 0.02% according to the presentation. BSNL is not willing to give additional contribution for post-2017 retirees.

All Pensioners ' associations in one voice rejected zero percent.

Finally chairman said that we will not go ahead with zero percent. But I can't right now tell what would be the percentage because we have to consult higher-ups including Hon MoC.

But delinking pension revision from pay revision is decided.

Stalemate is broken and we shall continue our efforts to achieve our objective.

We have convened a meeting tomorrow (18-10-2022) morning to widen our base beyond 9 associations.

17-oct-2022-at-24536-pm.pdf - Joint Memorandum signed by 9 Associations for submission to Member (S)