All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.

Status of Pension Revision Case in PB CAT Delhi

The following message is given by our lawyer:- As you are aware, the matter was listed as part-heard before a bench comprising of Mr.Tarun Shridhar (Administrative Member) and Ms.Pratima Gupta (Judicial Member). When the matter was called out, we appeared on your behalf led by Mr.Sanjoy Ghose, Ld. Sr. Counsel who pointed out that the submissions made on behalf of the Applicants have been recorded in the last order and the Respondents had sought time to take instructions. The counsel appearing for the Respondent DoT however sought further time on the ground that he had been recently engaged. We opposed the request made by the Counsel for DoT on the ground that the matter was part-heard on 29th March and that DoT should have sought instructions by now. The bench told the counsel for DoT that the issues already stand crystallized vide order passed on 29th March and that the Respondents need to respond to the same. The bench further granted the Counsel for Respondent DoT 3 days time to seek instructions and adjourned the matter to 25.05.2023 i.e. Thursday.