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Please refer our earlier postings in this Website on the subject of MINIMUM PENSION.After dilly-dallying for years, after repeated defeats at every stage in the Court Case (CAT, HIGH COURT, and SUPREME COURT) the authorities are compelled to issue a new order today, granting the benefit from 1-1-2006, instead of 24-9-2012, as decided earlier.It is a great victory for the senior pensioners who steadfastly fought the battle in the Court.

The order is given in IMPORTANT ORDERS


When Dr A P J Abdul Kalam was the President of India, his elder brother and family members visited Delhi. Dr Kalam did not permit to treat them as the official guests. He arranged two busses to take them around Delhi. He paid the rent for the vehicles from his own pocket. They stayed in Rashtrapati Bhavan. He paid the room rent for their stay from his pocket. His elder brother - above 85 years old at that time - stayed with him in the same room. Dr Kalam wanted to pay rent for that also. But officials in Rashtrapati Bhavan told him that as per rules, it can not be accepted.

According to his then Personal Secretary Mr. Nair, he paid Rs 3.5 lakhs for the family's Delhi visit. That is Dr. Abdul Kalam.

And when the the entire nation is mourning the death of one of India's most loved and popular presidents APJ Abdul Kalam, his immediate successor and another former president Smt. Pratibha Patil is once again in the news.

According to media reports, she wants the Central government to foot her fuel bill, provide her an official vehicle and also allow her to use her private vehicle. The government rules clearly state that a former President can avail either fuel allowance if he or she uses own vehicle, or use a government vehicle.


And, a former President gets Rs 75000 per month as Pension + DA + Rs 60,000 as office maintenance allowance. (Total Rs 2.24 lakhs per month at present)

Rent free Residence, Car, Telephone, Computer with broadband connections,

Personal staff paid by the government ......


96 YEAR OLD Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh, who is wheelchair bound, was among the many dignitaries to lay a wreath at the base of the coffin carrying the mortal remains of former President APJ Abdul Kalam at the Palam Airport in New Delhi on Tuesday. It was indeed a poignant moment for citizens as well as personnel of the armed forces to see the highly decorated, aged and uniformed Singh rising out of his wheelchair and using a walking stick to slow-step march up to the podium to place a wreath of flowers at the base of the national flag-draped coffin, and offer a smart and dignified salute in tribute, of course with the assistance of an air warrior.


An informal meeting between former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and his physics professor Rev. Ladislaus Chinnadurai at Beschi College, Dindigul near Madurai in Tamilnadu, on Saturday,18th July 2015, was filled with emotions and unforgettable memories.
Sources said that Dr. Kalam recalled his college days and cherished the memories of the time he spent with his teacher. He used to take classes continuously for three hours. He would discuss any physics problem in detail in classroom and conclude the session without giving solution to it. But he would advise students to go to library and find a solution it. He corrected students’ mistakes with a smile, Dr. Kalam recalled. With tears rolling down his cheeks, former professor Rev. Chinnadurai said: “Even after 60 years, he remembered me and my teaching. I taught him light, sound and other physics subjects. I am so happy to see him again.”Earlier, the former professor received Dr. Kalam at the portico of the college along with inmates. In turn, Kalam held his hands firmly and took him to the first floor for talk.Beschi College Rector Tagore and inmates accorded a rousing welcome to him. While Chinnadurai gave a book on Memories of Mother Teresa written by Xavier Antony, Dr. Kalam presented a book, ‘Reignited: Scientific Pathways to a Brighter Future,’ written by him and Srijan Pal Singh to his professor.
The professor said even after 60 years, he remembered me and my teaching



AIBSNLPWA pays tributes to Dr. A P J Abdulkalam, the most popular President of India, the Great visionary with Great dreams of future, a permanent source of inspiration to the young generation, a most selfless Public Figure India produced.


We have written several times on this Website as well as in our Journal: PENSIONERS PATRIKA about the case concerning modified parity in minimum pension for the elder pensioners. CAT New Delhi had ordered that parity should be given to all pensioners applying the Concordance Table, prescribed by the sixth Pay Commission.

Government issued the order but giving the financial benefit only from 24-9-2012. The affected pensioners went to the Court demanding the benefit from 1-1-2006. CAT gave a judgement in their favour.

Government filed appeal in High court.Government was defeated in the High court.

Then Government filed a Special Leave Petition in Supreme Court. SLP was rejected.

Government filed an appeal against it.That too was dismissed.

Government filed a Review petition. Review petition was rejected.

Government filed Curative petition. That was also dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Then, then government issued orders giving the benefit only to the people who approached the court in the cases. That was also challenged. A contempt petition was filed against the Government by the senior pensioners.

Finally, it is now reported that, the Government has issued orders giving the befit from 1-1-2006 itself.

Bharat Pensioners Samaj has given the above information.We could not get a copy of the order.When we get the same we shall upload the order in this website.

Anyway, the elder pensioners have won the significant legal battle. We congratulate them


Today, Com. R C Malhotra (our NTR Circle President) and Com. D P S Sisodia (Circle Secretary) met the Director (Estt) and Joint Secretary, Telecom and conveyed our serious concern over the undue delay in processing the Cabinet Note. The officers say that they tried their best to get the views from four nodal ministries. Department of Pension has given their views. Views of the Department of Expenditure (DOE) is important and essential. Jt Secretary assured that the would take up the matter again with DOE to avoid further delay.

It seems the delay is due to divergent views on removal of the 60:40 condition on sharing of Pension Liability.


100 ITS officers are repatriated to Department of Telecom today by BSNL.

It is another drama.

On 17-4-2012, Delhi High court asked the BSNL/MTNL to send back all the ITS officers working on deputation basis if they have not opted for BSNL or MTNL.
BSNL Management did not honour the Court Order.Instead, the Management sought more time.
Again on 15-2-2013, Delhi High Court asked the BSNL/MTNL to comply its earlier order.
But, the BSNL Management managed to get a decision from Cabinet to retain the ITS officers in BSNL.
At that stage a wonderful order was issued. 988 ITS officers were transferred back to Department of Telecom.Within few minutes, all those 988 officers were brought back to BSNL for ten years on year-to-year diminishing basis. In effect an ITS officer will be in Central Government Service technically but will practically work in BSNL till he/she retires.
Not satisfied with all these, the ITS association filed another case and the High court has now decided that case.
Finding no alternative, the DOT asked BSNL to repatriate 100 ITS officers immediately.
Accordingly, the BSNL has issued an order today, 24th July 2015, asking 100 ITS officers to report to the Pr CCA or CCA of the Circle.
Tomorrow, or even today night, another order can be expected bringing back these 100 ITS officers to their respective posts and chairs.
BSNL management, inefficient in all other matters, are very efficient in doing this gimmicks.


The Government have issued fresh instructions yesterday, fixing time frame for processing the pension cases in Central Services. These guidelines, if adhered strictly by the controlling offices, will definitely help the retiring employees,

The said order is given in IMPORTANT ORDERS page of this Website.


Com. R. L. Kapoor met the Director (Estt) today and discussed the status of 78.2% case. It is understood that only Department of Pension has conveyed their comments on the Cabinet Note. Department of Expenditure (Finance ministry) had asked for some feedback. Their report is expected within a week. No comments have so far been received from Law ministry or Department of Public Enterprises.

The time limit is over now. We appeal to the Department of Telecom to submit the Cabinet Note to Cabinet Secretariat without waiting further for the comments from these nodal ministries.



It is a matter of interest for central government pensioners, including BSNL Retirees, what the 10th State Pay Commission of Kerala has recommended for Kerala government service pensioners and teachers. Hence, some more information.

Minimum Pension: It was Rs 150 in 1985, Rs 285 in 1988,Rs 375 in 1993, and Rs 1275 in 1997.

Now the 10th SPC has recommended a minimum pension of Rs 8500 from 1-7-2014.As in central service, minimum pension shall not be less than 50% of the new revised minimum pay. [ 50% of the pay scale or the post from which retired, whichever is beneficial.] Commission feels that One Rank One Pension scheme cannot be practically implemented in Kerala.Maximum pension shall be Rs 60,000.

Family Pension: Minimum shall be Rs 8500 and maximum Rs 36000 from 1-7-2014.

Date of Effect: Revision is from 1-7-2014.

Rate of Pension: 50% of last ten months average basic pay.Demand for 50% Last Pay Drawn not accepted.

Qualifying service for full pension: 30 years reduced to 25 years.Old pensioners are also eligible. But, no arrears for the period prior to 1-7-2014.

Fixation: 80% DA is merged and then 18% of existing basic pension/family pension is given as fitment benefit.

[For the Serving employees and teachers, the fitment benefit is only 12%.]

DCRG: Ceiling is raised from Rs 7 lakhs to Rs 14 lakhs.

Commutation: It is restored after 12 years in Kerala.No change proposed.

Additional pension to senior pensioners: . Not recommended.

Medical allowance: Rs 300 per month, no change suggested as medical Insurance is under consideration of the Government.

Superannuation: Retirement age was 56 years. Recommended to raise it to 58 years.


A new SSA Unit of our Association has been formed in Hazaribagh SSA in Jharkhand Circle with Shri M K Sinha as President, Shri R P Srivastava as Dist Secretary and Shri Sushilkumar as Treasurer. CHQ welcome the new District Unit.


The West Godavari SSA unit has opened two new branches recently.

Jangareddygudem branch has elected S/s P N Prabhakara Rao, S V Ranga Rao and T D Babu Rao as President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.
Bhimadole branch has elected S/s P M P Chandrsekhara Rao, S Durga Rao and Kolli Venkata Rao as President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.


The 10th Pay Commission appointed by Kerala State Government has submitted its report to the Government yesterday.
The Commission has doubled the minimum in each pay scale.
But, the net increase will be Rs 2000 – Rs 12000.
Minimum Pay recommended for a Group D is Rs 17000 and the maximum pay will be Rs. 1, 20, 000.
Fitment benefit will be 12 percent to serving staff and 18 percent to pensioners.
Date of effect will be 1st, July 2014.
Retirement age is raised from 56 years to 58 years.Many youth organizations have opposed the proposal.
Pay revision and pension revision take place in Kerala once in 5 year till now.The 10th Pay Commission has recommended next pay/pension revision only after ten yars.This proposal has invited strong opposition from staff Unions.


Com. R L Kapoor, our Legal committee member reports from New Delhi:

So far, none of the four Nodal Ministries (Finance, Pension, Law and Heavy Industries) has conveyed comments on the Draft Cabinet Note on 78.2% sent by Department of Telecom.

The prescribed time limit has exhausted.

DoT has sent reminders to all the four Nodal Ministries.


Department of Public Enterprises has issued orders on 3-7-2015 raising the rate of IDA effective from 1-7-2015 to 102.6%.
The DPE order is given in Page IDA.
We have forwarded the said order to all the Centralised Pension Processing Centres of 23 nationalised banks.


Com. R L Kapoor, our Legal Committee member reports from New Delhi:
Our Advocate has filed Rejoinders today.
The pleadings recorded as completed.
Next Date is 31st July 2015.


New Delhi: 3rd July 2015:

A parliamentary committee headed by firebrand BJP MP Yogi Adityanath has recommended 100 percent hike in the salary of parliamentarians, a newspaper report said on Thursday.
Besides proposing a 100 percent hike in salary, the panel has also recommended increasing the pension of elected representatives from Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000.
The Yogi Adityanath-led panel has suggested to bring in a pay revision mechanism on the lines of pay commission, which is at present only meant for government employees.
As per the report, at least 60 recommendations have been put forward by the Adityanath-led panel.The panel has also advocated for raising the daily allowance of Rs 2,000 for MPs, which they get during Parliament sittings. Besides proposing 20-25 free air travels in a year, the panel has also said that an additional free AC first class ticket should be provided for their companion, such as their personal secretary. As per the report, the panel has also recommended extending the health benefits given to the MPs to their children and grandchildren as well.

The last revision of salaries of MPs took place in 2010.

The Parliamentary Affairs Ministry has rejected some of the proposals.

But, the proposals to double the salary and increase the pension are not rejected.

[Zee News]

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Today, the Kerala High Court has dismissed the appeal petition filed by Department of Telecom against the CAT (Ernakulam) verdict on counting of extra increment for fixation of pension. Judgement is awaited within a week. Details will be given then. Adv. Sreeraj appeared for the four BSNL Retirees and Kerala circle Unit of AIBSNLPWA who had filed the case in CAT.