All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.



BSNL Corporate Office has issued fresh instruction to revew provisional pension cases and Gratuity cases and settle them.


BSNL Corporate Office has reiterated orders for timely settlement of Pension Cases.


Department of Pension has requested all Pensioners' Organisations to co-operate with it in popularising theJEEVAN PRAMAAN introduced recently.

JEEVAN PRAMAAN helps all pensioners submit the Life Certificate in November every year, on line, without personally appearing before the concerned officer in their Pension Paying Bank.

For that, The Pensioner should have an Aadhaar Card. It should be linked with the Bank Account.

In November, The Life Certificate can be sent to Bank from your Computer or Mobile Phone.

The letter from Department of Pension to Pensioners' Organizations is attached herewith.

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