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Shri. P. Raman, aged 94 is the senior most member of our Association in the Ernakulam SSA ,residing at Kumily- a hill station in the revenue District of Idukki. Shri. Raman became a family pensioner, on the sad demise of his unmarried son T. R. Mohanan Telecom Mechanic, Kumily on 30th March 2008.Our Circle Association took up the case of sanction of Family pension to Shri. Raman, with the CCA .An amount of more than Rupees four lakhs was sanctioned to him as pensionary benefits which was a surprise to the family folks and the rustic men alike . On 17th December 2014, the Pensioners' Day, the Ernakulam District Association had honoured our members above 80 years of age . But Shri. Raman could not travel such a long distance of about 200 Kms from Kumily to Ernakulam. Hence a team of more than 15 of our Association headed by Circle Secretary R.N.Pada Nair and Thodupuzha Branch secretary P.P.Velayudhan, including E. Madaswamy and Lalu from Kumily visited Shri. Raman's house. His three daughters and their family members, neighbours and well wishers gave a warm welcome to the visitors . Circle Secretary R. N. Padanair addressed the gathering and felicitated Shri. Raman. A memento arranged by the District Association was also presented to him. It was really a pleasant occasion and a previllege to the Association to felicitate the 94 year old veteran .


We have received a Write up from a friend in LIC about the new Pensions Scheme introduced for the senior citizens.

It is given below for the information of our viewers interested in the matter:

Varishta Pension Bima Yojana is an attractive pension scheme announced by the Govt.of India
for the welfare of the senior citizens of the country with LIC as the exclusive administrator.

One time Premium (Purchase price) &Immediate Annuity payable Yearly/Half yearly/Quarterly/Monthly.
2.Annuity starts as early as from the next month if the mode of annuity is monthly. Annuity amount is guaranteed throughout the life time.
3..Return of the purchase price (Amount invested) to the nominee/legal heirs on death of the pensioner.3.Pension payable by NEFT/ECS to pensioner’s bank account directly.
4.Eligibility : 60 years & above (No upper limit)
5.Surrender allowed in exceptional circumstances like critical illness treatment. Surrender value will be 98% (within 15 years).After 15 years no surrender charges.
6.Loan facility available after 3 years. Maximum loan available 75% of the amount.
7.Minimum Single Premium starts from 66,665 and maximum Premium allowed is Rs 6,66,665.(Per family).Premium can be paid in multiples of Re1/-.
Annuity payable under different modes for a single premium for Rs 1 lac is
:Monthly :Rs 750
Quarterly: Rs 2267
Half yearly:Rs 4585
Yearly: 9380
For more details,Please contact :Sreekumar.V.K,Dy.Manager,LICDirect,Divisionaloffice,M.G.Road,Ernakulam.Phone : 0484 2374023 / 9497406532 / 98950 43632Email


ALL INDIA ROAMING: Frequently asked Questions and Answers.

1..BSNL Free Roaming is a Permanent Offer or a Promotional Offer?

At present BSNL Roaming Free Offer (free incoming voice call facility while in national roaming) will be available as an offer for a period of one year one PAN India basis from 15.06.2015.

2.Is it applicable for Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile users too or Not.

Yes, BSNL Free Roaming will be available for all Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

3.Whether Free Roaming is applicable across India or in for some areas only.

It is applicable across all over India including Mumbai & Delhi (Service areas of MTNL).

4.What are the Outgoing Voice Call charges in Roaming? Can BSNL home area plans applicable or not?

In Roaming all outgoing call charges are charged at Rs.0.8 / Minute for local calls and Rs.1.15 / Minute for STD calls (No Change in Roaming Tariff).

5.Whether all STVs (Voice / SMS / Data / ISD) can work in Free Roaming across India.

No, Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) will not work in Roaming areas except BSNL Data STVs / SMS STVs.

6.What are the BSNL Data Charges during Free Roaming across India?

The data charges are same for both Home area and for Roaming areas too, All BSNL Data STVs are also allowed in Free Roaming.

7.Will Mobile Users can recharge with any Special Tariff Voucher / Plan to avail Free Roaming? If yes how much?

No, Mobile Customers do not recharge with any BSNL Roam Free STV, it available as default feature. Free incoming voice calls while in national roaming will be implemented by creating Prepaid STV / Postpaid Add-on of Rs. 101 (+/-3) under BSNL mobile services. STVs/Add-on plans will be automatically added to all the BSNL mobile customers account notionally at Free of cost (without any additional charge) initially for a period of one year as a goodwill gesture.

8.Is there any Roaming charges for a customer, who receives ISD call in Roaming.

No Charges for a customer who receives ISD Call in Roaming.

9.Whether existing Roaming Free STVs / Plans are still in alive after 15.06.2015.

The existing BSNL Roaming Packs STV5, STV69, STV33 & STV90 under prepaid mobile services and Add-on plan with FMC of Rs. 61 under postpaid mobile services, which allows the BSNL Mobile customers to get the all incoming calls as FREE of charge to talk to their beloved ones while on travel in BSNL / MTNL network areas

across India are withdrawn from 15.06.2015.

10.If a customer already recharged with Roaming STV having certain validity, and after discontinuing roaming STVs from 15.06.2015, he is eligible for Free Roaming or Not.

Yes, he is eligible for Free Roaming.

11.After One Year, Can Subscribers will recharge with any Roaming STVs.

At present BSNL Offers Free Roaming for all Mobile Users for One Year, after that, this may be extended / discontinued according with Govt Decisions.

In 2002 when BSNL entered into mobile services, BSNL started free incoming calls for the first time within License Service Area (State). Prior to that, the customers had to pay for incoming calls also, at the rate as high as Rs.16/- per minute. Today the tariff in Indian Telecom Industry in India is the lowest in the world, This credit also goes to BSNL because before entry of BSNL in mobile telephony, the call rates charged by private operators were as high as Rs.24/- per minute. Now, it’s the time again to create a new history by offering Free Incoming Calls, while in National Roamingfor all BSNL Mobile Users with effect from 15.06.2015, and also the operator BSNL may also sending the SMS conveying the BSNL Free Roaming facility to their customers, and the customers can check the above Queries & Clarifications abut BSNL Free National Roaming.


When the Mobile service was introduced in India when Pandit Sukh Ram was the Minister, only private operators were allowed to give this service saying that ‘Mobile is value added service.”.Department of Telecom or MTNL was not allowed to give mobile service.The private companied looted the customers.They charged Rs 16 per minute from the calling subscriber and Rs 16 per minute from the receiving subscriber both.Total Rs 32 per minute!!! Within 2-3 years, the private companies earned profit much more than their investment.Then, in 2002, BSNL was allowed to give the service, after the market was captured by private companies.When the BSNL entered the field, a competition started.Call chares were reduced, Incoming calls were made absolutely free. Customers were benefitted.


Finalisation of 7th Pay Commission Report is under Process – 7th CPC says it has completed interactions with all stake holders and finalisation of pay commission report is underway

7th Pay Commission has informed in its official website to the effect that it has completed all discussions with Organisations, Federations, and Groups which represent Central Government Employees and Defence Services. 7CPC has further reported that it is in the process of finalisation of 7th Pay Commission report.So, any future requests made by any organisation for interaction with 7th Pay Commission will not be allowed.


In the meeting JCM Staff Side had with 7th Central Pay Commission on 9th June 2015, it was indicated that the Commission will recommend Pay Revision and Pension Revision in Central Government Services with effect from 1st January 2016.

[Not from 1-4-2016 as reported by media].


Staff side of JCM (National Council) had a meeting with 7th Central Pay Commission on 9-6-2015. In the said meeting the Staff Side raised an issue regarding parity in pension of past pensioners and new pensioners. the Report from Staff Side about the discussion is as:

".... e) Parity in Pension entitlement of the past and present pensioners –

The Commission is yet to make up its mind on the suggestion made by the staff side in the matter. They however said that almost all the Pensioners organizations which met the Commission had pleaded for this and the same is linked with the one rank one pension demand of the Armed forces personnel."



Shri R L Kapoor reports from New Delhi:

“I met Shri P Khanna, Director (Estt) in the Directorate yesterday.

It was told that the Draft Cabinet note has been delivered by hand to

all the four nodal ministries simultaneously.”


As we have already reported, the Honourable Minister for Communications Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad approved the Draft Cabinet Note on 78.2% on 9-6-2015.He took very quick action.

On 13-6-2015, the Draft Cabinet Note was circulated to four nodal ministries for their views/comments.

Cabinet Note is a top secret document.The contents of it shall not be disclosed till it is cleared by Cabinet meeting.But, some people are now giving information about the contents of this Cabinet Note. It is all speculations. Those who were sleeping can easily spread some rumours.

We do not give any rumours or speculation.


The long-pending ‘One Rank One Pension’ (OROP) scheme for ex-servicemen is likely to be rolled out ahead of the Assembly polls in Bihar later this year, top government sources indicated on Tuesday.
The government is working out the modalities for OROP and the announcement will be made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, they said.
“It (OROP) is being worked out. We will need to have a separate category so that it cannot be legally challenged later on and nor do others stake claim. This would be separate from other government pensions,” sources said.


On a request from our Nagpur comrades, Senior minister in Narendra Modi Government, Shri Nitin Gadkari (Former BJP President) wrote to Communications Minister on 11-4-2015 supporting our demand for 78.2%.

Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Communication minister promptly replied to Shri Gadkari on 7th May 2015 that he was examining the matter.

We are happy that four senior ministers in the cabinet have supported our demand. It became possible only because of the work done by our Circle Units.

Shri Gadkari's office has sent to us his letter and the reply received thereto.



AIBSNL PWA, Vellore District and CMC Shell Hospital Jointly conducted FREE EYE CAMP at Katpadi on 12-06-2015. More than 150 Pensioners including their relations and friends attended. After complete check up 35 members got selected for FREE CATRACT Surgery including FREE Lens Fixing. we have given on behalf of our Association opticals 10 Numbers to the Pensioners who cannot afford









It is confirmed that the Cabinet Note has been put up to the Joint Secretary, Telecom.

As per the procedures, Joint Secretary has to circulate the same to the four nodal ministries.


Com. D P S Sisodia, Circle Secretary, NTR circle reports:

We met the DDG (Estt) and enquired about the latest position. He said that copies are being taken; after getting the signature of Joint Secretary, the draft Cabinet Note will be sent to the four nodal Ministries for their views within a day or two.


Kozhikode (Calicut) district conference was held on 10th June 2015. More than 200 members attended.
Com. R N Pada Nair (Kerala Circle Secretary) and Com. T P George (Dy Circle Secretary) addressed the conference. Comrades N Chandu, Smt. Annie Preman and P Narayanan Moosad have been elected as President, District Secretary and Treasurer respectively.


Palakkad District Conference was held on 9-6-2015. Com. A P Saraswathy, All India Vice President and Com. R N Pada Nair, Kerala Circle Secretary attended and spoke on major issues.Comrades M Venugopal, K R Ramanarayanan and K Natarajan have been elected as President, District Secretary and Treasurer respectively.


Many of our viewers have demanded to place a Ready Reckoner (on implementation of 78.2% case) in this website. We prepared a Ready Reckoner for the pre-2007 retirees and submitted the same to Member (Finance), Telecom Commission. We did not place the same in this website as we were waiting for a definite decision. Even now, it may be little premature. Let the Cabinet decision and the formal order be known. The Ready Reckoner is available in page DA. Click on DA (above the photo at the top). Then, click on IDA. Click on Ready Reckoner. A Title will appear at the bottom left side like “ READY RECKO..” etc. If you click on it, an Excel Table will appear. Then type your old basic pension and see the results.

Note: the above Ready Reckoner is applicable to pre-2007 retirees only. A simple Ready Reckoner could be prepared for their case.

But, for those who retired on or after 1-1-2007 it is not so simple. Date of Retirement, Amount of increment received, Date of increments, promotion if any etc. etc. have to be taken into account individually to assess the benefit.

If anyone can help us to prepare a simple ready reckoner for post 2007 cases, it is welcome.