All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.



Haryana Circle conference was held on 16-10-2022. The following office bearers were elected unanimously.

President --- Com J S Dahiya

Secretary --- Com J S Malik

Treasurer --- Com Ramphool


Telangana Circle Conference is held on 09-10-2022 at Hyderabad Under the Presidentship of Com V Perayya Pantulu Circle President. Circle Secretary Com S Govinda Rajulu presented secretary's report and accounts submitted by Com Y S K Sambasiva Rao Circle Trasurer. House adopted the both. Com T.S Vittoban CHQ Treasurer and Com D Gopalakrishnan Vice-president CHQ have addressed in the meeting. CHQ office-bearers Com V Vara Prasad, Com A Sudhakara Rao, Com N Somanadham have attended. Newly elected office-bearers are :

Circle President : Com M Gopa Raju

Circle Secretary : Com E Upendar

Circle Treasurer : Com Ch V Subba Rao


DPE has issued orders revising IDA to 195.8% w.e.f 01-10-2022 in respect of CPSEs for 2007 pay scales.



Our Advocate informed that the scheduled case for today stands adjourned to 09-12-2022.


DOP & PW issued OM listing the various options available for submission of life certificate.



Bangalore District Conference was held on 10-09-2022 and the following office-bearers were re-elected unanimously.

President : Com K Ranganayakulu

Secretary : Com R Janardhana Rao

Treasurer : Com Deepak.


Pension Revision Case in PBCAT New Delhi . Our case scheduled today in Principal Bench CAT , New Delhi stands adjourned to 06-10-2022.

P Gangadhara Rao GS


UP East Circle Conference is held on 04-09-2022 at Lucknow in the presence of Com Mahatma Pathak Organising Secretary - CHQ. The following are elected unanimously.

Circle President : Com S R Upadhyaya Alahabad

Circle Secretary : Com J N Dubey Lucknow

Circle Treasurer : Com Dhaniram Verma


13th Foundation day of AIBSNLPWA was observed by BGTD quite DIFFERENTLY on 24/08/2022 . On this occasion Team consisting of 10 Members along with our GS Com.Gangadhara Rao visited AiR Humanitarian Home at Banneragatta village Bangalore . A basket / packet of fruits and eatables was distributed to about 300 inmates , Doctors and staff members of the charitable Home . This Charitable Home is run by a Trust with the DONATIONS from public. The inmates are those abandoned by families, lost limbs in road accidents, HIV patients, deceived by close ones and to say that those with out any thing of their own ie. DESTITUTES. (B Janardhana Rao DS Bangalore)


In view of observing our 13th Formation Day fittingly , as per the call given by CHQ, it was celebrated on 20-08-2022 by Chennai Telephone District Circle in orphanage homes and children home in and around Chennai city.

On 29-08-2022 also ChTD celebrated formation day in “ Karaikkal Ammaiyar Old age home in Kolathur, Chennai 99” . There are 50 inmates for whom Sarees, Nighties, Bed sheets, Dothies, Towels, Soap, Rin Liquid, Biscuits, Groceries Fruits were distributed. Some of our eminent members from many parts of Chennai attended the distribution. The inmates thanked us full heartedly . It was a grand success.(S. Thangaraj, Circle Secretary, Chennai Telephone District Circle.)


Ahmedabad Telecom District Branch and Circle Office Branch jointly organised visit to Old Age Home in view of the call given by CHQ to observe 13th Foundation Day Celebration of AI BSNL PWA . There are 42 older men and women staying in Manilal Gandhi Vanprastha ashram to whom Lunch was served he programme remained grand success (K R Rana Circle Secretary )


Our leaders met the Minister on 25-7-2022. When we received the information that the File has gone out of Sanchar Bhavan on 25th August we reposted the photo on 26-8-2022. But while typing the date a small error took place. Instead of 25-7-2022 it was typed as 25-8-2022. It is a human error. We are all humans and we are old people. So, such errors may sometime take place.

But this small mistake disturbed the sleep of some people. We are thankful for their keen watch and comment. We correct the date now. Our leaders met the Honourable Minister on 25th July 2022. We hope that this correction will give mental peace to our critics.