All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.




We are happy to report that Smt. Santhoshkumari, retired AO and life member of our Association at Jalandhar, Punjab has donated a sum of Rs.50000 to the COVID FUND. We appreciate the noble gesture of Smt. Santhosh Kumari.


We pay our respects to the great son of India


It's that time of the year again when people can catch a glimpse of India's diverse cultures. The Eastern, Northern & Southern parts of the country celebrate their first harvest festival of the year - Baisakhi, Bihu, Vishu, Poila Boishak & Puthandu - with vigour and fervour. Every year, the festivals fall on April 13 or April 14, based on the local Calendar.

This year, due to the coronavirus situation, we cannot go out and celebrate.Let us remain safe at home; do not invite any guests, wait for the happy days. As senior citizens we must cooperate with the directions from the Government to contain the deadly virus. These hard and dark days will also go, light will appear, and we will emerge once again as triumphant Nation. Let us wait patiently.


We are happy to receive the inspiring report that Shri U S Nagaraj, who retired as DGM from Karnataka circle office in 2006, has donated Rs 56,739.00 being his one month's pension to the Covid Fund. He is a life member of our Association in Bangalore . In addition, his wife also donated Rs 10000. We appreciate the noble gesture.


After posting the Statement of donations remitted by our members to COVID FUND, based on inputs received from Circles till 10 PM on Saturday, Com. Ganesan, Karnataka Circle Treasurer has intimated later that a sum of Rs 102491 received from two SSA units was not included. Similarly, Sh. Chaurishia, DS of Ajmer, Rajasthan intimated that Rs 4100 remitted during the last one week was also not included in the statement. As such by adding the two amounts mentioned above, the Grand Total will be 35,88,203.00. The revised statement is given below. All further intimations will be taken into account while preparing consolidated statement next Sunday….PSR



We are happy to report that

Smt. Chhaya Mishra, a life member of our Association at Sagar, MP along with her husband Shri Ram Babu has donated Rupees ONE LAKH FIVE THOUSAND for charity work at their locality.

Shri L S Potnis, Retired JTO of Bagalkot (Karnataka) has donated Rupees ONE LAKH to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund to combat Covid19.

Shri K Murali, a life member of our STR division, a retired JTO and a former student of Sree Ramakrishna Mission School has donated Rs One Lakh to the Mission to strengthen their charity activities in Chennai.

Shri Y Anantham, Retired DE of Visakhapatnam has donated Rs 55000 to PMNRF, Rs 15001 to AP CMRF and Rs 11000 to Telangana CMRF and Rs 157501 to another agency . Total Rs 96751

Shri B B Nadagaddi, Retired AGM of Karnataka Circle Office donated Rs 50000.

Smt. Radha Bai, Retired DGM of Bangalore also has donated Rs 50,000.

Shri Thiagarajan Krishna Iyer, a life member of our Hyderabad SSA unit donated Rs 45000.

Shri K Purnachandra Rao, another life member of our Hyderabad SSA unit donated Rs 36000.

Shri M S Muthukrishnan, Life member in Chennai TD Circle has donated Rs 25000 to PMNRF and Rs 10000 to TN CMDRF. Total Rs 35000 being his one month’s pension.

Shri T P George, our Kerala Circle Secretary has donated Rs 30000 to Kerala CMDRF and Rs 1000 to PMNRF. Total Rs. 31000 being his one month’s pension.

CHQ appreciate the above noble minds.

Smt. Chhaya Mishra, Sh. L S Potnis, Sh. K Murali, Sh. Ananatham

Sh. Nadagaddi, Smt. Radhabai, Sh. T P George




About charity, Mother Teresa said once;

"It is not how much you give; but how much Love you put in giving..."

Shri Y Anantham, Retired DE and a life member of AIBSNLPWA in Visakhapatnam has been very prompt in positively responding to any call from our CHQ. In 2019, when we gave a call for donation to PMNRF Shri Anantham was the first to donate Rs. 10000. Now, he is in United States of America with his wife Smt. Ananthalakshmi. Still, when he found the call from our GS for liberal donations to COMBAT COVID FUND, Shri Ananthaam through his brothers at Vizag remitted Rs 11000 on 4-4-2020 to Telangana CMRF, Rs 15001 on 5-4-2020 to Andhra CMRF and Rs 55000 to PMNRF on 6-4-2020, making a total of Rs. 81001.

We appreciate the noble actions of Shri Anantham that inspire us and all.


Total donations from our members to COMBAT COVID Fund remitted on-line till 10 PM on 4-4-2020 is Rs 12,24,914.00. It is a great response to the CHQ Call. prompt and positive.




Shri B. B. Nadagaddi, retired as AGM in 2012 from CGMT office of Karnataka had donated Rs. 50,000.00 last time towards the Flood Relief Fund organized by our Association. This time also, Shri Nadagaddi has promptly remitted Rs. Fifty Thousand again to the COMBAT COVID Fund. We highly appreciate the noble mind of Shri Nadagaddi. He belongs to Bagalkot, North Karnataka. He was Circle Treasurer of SNEA when Com Gangadhara Rao was the Circle Secretary.

....................................... P S Ramankutty, President.


At 5 PM today, 4-4-2020, the total of donations remitted by our members online to the COMBAT COVID FUND has crossed Rs 11 lakh.

The consolidated statement is given here: COVID FUND




Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers for the month of February 2020 is reduced by 2 points from 330 to 328. Still there is an increase in rate of IDA.



CHQ of AIBSNLPWA calls upon all members all over the country to donate at least one day's pension to the respective Chief Ministers' Fund to combat the deadly virus of COVID19. In the present situation of total lock-down it may not be possible to go to Bank and transfer the money to CMDRF or PM CARE FUND. So individual members can transfer the donation online to the CMDRF and obtain Receipt for it. The said Receipt can be used next time for getting income tax rebate. Our purpose is that maximum donations should go from our members to the government on war against the Corona virus. After sending the donation, please intimate the District/Circle Secretary over phone.

to see the Circular from GS please click here: extra-ordinary-appeal.pdf