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Dear Comrades,
It is time for us to act immediately against discrimination. Please repeat the attached message in all the groups. Call upon all participants to send emails to the Minister. Some comrades may not know how to do it. Others can help them.
We thought of organizing a postcard campaign to the Prime Minister. But in the present situation nobody can go out to purchase cards. Sitting at home we can send emails. Thousands of emails should go to the Minister. Honourable minister should feel the concern of pensioners. Please do it before 18th of this month.
Email ID of the Communication Minister is
At the bottom, add your name and address.
P Gangadhara Rao, GS







EMail dated 26-4-2021 To Shri P K Purwar, CMD BSNL New Delhi.

Please click here to see the 3 pages letter.letter-on-medical-care.pdf


Due to sudden surge of Covid19 we are unable to print the Patrika and send by post. It is uploaded here as Ejournal.

Please click here to see the PP May-June 2021pp-2021-may.pmd.pdf



BSNL CO has issued an order on 8-4-2021 extending validity of all existing BSNLMRS Cards upto 30-9-2021 in view of present covid situation all over the country.

Please click here to seed the order.mrs-revalidation.pdf


As on 31-3-2021 AIBSNLPWA has 58192 Life members, according to the lists we have received. We have already published 44068 names till March 2020 in our Patrika. Remaining 14124 names are given in the list given below. According to the Treasurer, the number of LMs is little more. This discrepancy occured few years back as some branches did not supply names promptly.

Please click on the Link to see the list.list-of-life-members.pdf


PENSIONERS' PATRIKA for March-April 2021 is posted from Chennai on 3-3-2021 to all.


The government wrapped up

an auction for fourth-generation, or 4G, airwaves,

generating Rs. 77,814.80 crore in proceeds,

or about 19% of the spectrum value put on sale.

It, however, claimed the auction was a success

as demand “far exceeded” its modest expectations.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd,

India’s largest telco, emerged as the top bidder,

cornering roughly three-fourths of the spectrum

sold in the two-day event, on 1-2, March 2021.