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It is confirmed that the Cabinet Note has been put up to the Joint Secretary, Telecom.

As per the procedures, Joint Secretary has to circulate the same to the four nodal ministries.


Com. D P S Sisodia, Circle Secretary, NTR circle reports:

We met the DDG (Estt) and enquired about the latest position. He said that copies are being taken; after getting the signature of Joint Secretary, the draft Cabinet Note will be sent to the four nodal Ministries for their views within a day or two.


Kozhikode (Calicut) district conference was held on 10th June 2015. More than 200 members attended.
Com. R N Pada Nair (Kerala Circle Secretary) and Com. T P George (Dy Circle Secretary) addressed the conference. Comrades N Chandu, Smt. Annie Preman and P Narayanan Moosad have been elected as President, District Secretary and Treasurer respectively.


Palakkad District Conference was held on 9-6-2015. Com. A P Saraswathy, All India Vice President and Com. R N Pada Nair, Kerala Circle Secretary attended and spoke on major issues.Comrades M Venugopal, K R Ramanarayanan and K Natarajan have been elected as President, District Secretary and Treasurer respectively.


Many of our viewers have demanded to place a Ready Reckoner (on implementation of 78.2% case) in this website. We prepared a Ready Reckoner for the pre-2007 retirees and submitted the same to Member (Finance), Telecom Commission. We did not place the same in this website as we were waiting for a definite decision. Even now, it may be little premature. Let the Cabinet decision and the formal order be known. The Ready Reckoner is available in page DA. Click on DA (above the photo at the top). Then, click on IDA. Click on Ready Reckoner. A Title will appear at the bottom left side like “ READY RECKO..” etc. If you click on it, an Excel Table will appear. Then type your old basic pension and see the results.

Note: the above Ready Reckoner is applicable to pre-2007 retirees only. A simple Ready Reckoner could be prepared for their case.

But, for those who retired on or after 1-1-2007 it is not so simple. Date of Retirement, Amount of increment received, Date of increments, promotion if any etc. etc. have to be taken into account individually to assess the benefit.

If anyone can help us to prepare a simple ready reckoner for post 2007 cases, it is welcome.


CGHS will issue new Plastic Cards through Wellness Centres;

The order is given in IMPORTANT ORDERS. CLick on that page to see the details


Responding to the invitation received from the VIIh CPC, the JCM (Staff Side) delegation met the Pay Commission this day 09th June 2015 and deliberated again in detail on the following issues:-

(a) Minimum wage — (15th ILC norms/Dr. Achroyed Formula for determining minimum wage as proposed in the JCM Staff Side Memorandum),
(b) Rate of increment.(c) Fitment Formula,(d) Qualification related Pay Scales,(e) Pay parity for common categories.(f) Date of effect of revised Pay Structure and allowances etc.,(g) Upward revision of Ex-gratia to the families of employees killed in the course of performing duties,(h) Parity in pension for eliminating the discrimination,(i) Rectification of MACPS aberrations,(j) Grant of increment to those retiring on 30th June and 31st December of the year.
Various other issues were also discussed with the VII CPC today. While the response of the Pay Commission by and large has been satisfactory on many points mentioned above, the revised pay structure/allowances is likely to be recommended to be given effect from January 1st, 2016. With today’s discussions in the final meeting with VII CPC, the deliberations by the JCM Staff Side got concluded.
It is expected that the VII th CPC would submit its report to the Government by the end of August 2015. Prominent leaders among those participated in the deliberations are Dr. M. Raghavaiah Leader (JCM) Staff Side, NFIR’ s President Guman Singh. Working President R.P.Bhatnagar and Joint General Secretary B.C. Sharma.



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We are thankful to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble Minister for approving the file within one day since it reached his office.


It is confirmed by Mr. Saravana Kumar, Private Secretary to Minister that Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, MOC has approved the File on 78.2% IDA for pension revision.

Com. DG gave an SMS to Shri Saravana Kumar enquiring the status of the File and Shri Kumar immediately replied giving the information.


Com. R L Kapoor reports from New Delhi that the File on 78.2% IDA for pension revision with effect from 1-1-2007 has reached the Minister for Communications today for his approval. Once he approves it the DoT will circulate the same to the four nodal ministries for their views. After obtaining their views the final Cabinet Note will be sent to Cabinet Secretariat. We are happy that our consistent efforts have the desired effects. Details will be given in the next issue of Pensioners Patrika.


Media reports:

"Answering a question in Lok Sabha, the Honourable Minister for Communications said that the matter of extension of 78.2% IDA for pension revision is UNDER CONSIDERATION."


The File on 78.2% IDA for Pension Revision is still in Sanchar Bhavan only.

For the last eight months, it is travelling from one Section to another Section.

Some times, within the same Section from an officer at the top to another officer down.

For them it is only a FILE. For more than one lakh Retirees it is LIFE.


NEW DELHI: The state-run telecom Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited will offer free national roaming from June 15, Union minister for Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad said today.Spectrum sharing and trading policy to go to Cabinet this month and full mobile portability will be given from July, he added. The minister was briefing the media today regarding the achievements of his ministry as part of the programmes to mark the Narendra Modi government's first year in office. Ever since it came to power, the NDA government has promised free roaming. It was also promised by its predecessor, the UPA government.
Earlier this year, Vodafone and Reliance announced plans to reduce the roaming charges to a minimum. The BSNL was expected to introduce plans for free roaming in January.In May, BSNL had slashed roaming tariff by up to 40% for its prepaid and postpaid mobile connection following a telecom tariff order issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.
The minister said both state-run operators - BSNL and the MTNL - have been showing losses. In 2004, BSNL showed a profit of Rs. 10,000 crore, the minister said. "In 2014, when I took charge, BSNL showed a loss of Rs. 7,500 crore. The MTNL was in profit till 2008, when I took charge... it showed losses." But he said MTNL is now on the mend.
Good governance, the minister said, became a casualty "as far as these PSUs are concerned," and those sitting in Sanchar bhavan will have to "apportion blame".
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Finance Ministry brings out new 3-page income tax forms

Last date of filing returns extended to August 31



has become a political issue now.


The All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers for the month of April 2015 has been released by Labour Bureau of India yesterday evening. It is 256 points.

The Index for March 2015 was 254 points.

There is an increase of 2 points from March to April 2015.

The IDA rate from July will be decided after declaring the Index for May 2015.

It will be announced on the last working day of June 2015.

If the Index for May remains at 256 points itself, then there will be an

increase of 1.6% in IDA from July 2015.


AP state pensioners will get 43% fitment benefit in pension revision with effect from 1-7-2013.

From 1-7-2013 to 1-6-2014 it is only notional fixation.

From 2-6-2014 actual financial benefits are permitted.

AP government has issued orders.