All India BSNL Pensioners' Welfare Association.




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Today (4-4-19) , I met Smt. Anuradha Mitra , Member (F) along with Coms. Changappa CS and Ganeshan CT at BANGALORE in the office of CCA KTK.

At the outset, I Congratulated her for having launched the SAMPNN successfully . While giving a good feedback from the Pensioners who are getting Pension directly from CCA including sending SMS etc. , we expressed still our concern about a) getting form 16 and b) givinglife certificate. Smt. Linda DDG Accts. explained regarding Digital Life Certificate and Form 16. Member (F) assured that required care will be taken so that no Pensioner will be put to any difficulty.


1). Family Pension case of Smt. Manonmani, Thanjavur.She assured that action will be taken to settle it immediately.

2) Arbitrary reduction of LPD of those in the scale of 2550-2750 by CCA TN.

She told that a policy decision has to be taken.

3). Grant of minimum Pension of 9000/-

She told that for this also a policy decision has to be taken.

We requested her to do what ever is required from her side.

Finally I requested her to take initiative to solve our PENSION REVISION issue from 1-1-17. She told that this is in the domain of Member (S). When she was mentioning that DOP&PW hasn't taken any decision still , I explained the actual position and made over the copies of our letters to Secretary , Pension on 14-12-18, to JS , Pension on 12-2-19 and DOP&PW letter to DOT on 8-3-19.

We made out a point that DOT Establishment section is not taking the required action. In DOT, if anyone feelsthatthe hike given to us at the time of absorption and according to 2nd PRC isto be adjusted in future revisions , we will not allow it. We should continue to draw higher Pension for all the times to come.

At the end , we requested her to take the initiative as theCUSTODIANof BSNL/MTNL Pensioners in DOT and sort out our PENSION REVISION issue at the earliest.

P Gangadhara Rao GS



AP Circle was bifurcated into AP & TELANGANA on 22-1-17. AP Circle has increased its membership from 3890 to 6373 by its FIRST BIENNIAL CIRCLE CONFERENCE on 1-4-19 at Rajahmundry. Hats off to CS & his team for this great achievement.

The hall was fully packed with over 650 Delegates and Observers from all the 13 SSAs.

Com. D Gopalakrishnan VP , P Gangadhara Rao GS and V Rama Rao Asst . Treasurer CHQ & President TN Circle graced the occasion and addressed the house.

East Godavari , the host Branch made excellent arrangements for accommodation, meeting venue and food.

Coms. MRS Prakash Rao, KS Koteswara Rao ( Ex CS , Telangana ) ,V Varaprasad and S Venkatappaiah have been unanimously elected as Hon. President, Circle President, Circle Secretary and Treasurer respectively for the next two years term.

P Gangadhara Rao GS


Our Advocate Shri Sreeraj informed that reply from Respondents has been received in r/o OA No 338/18 .

Now both cases 338/18 & 346/18 stand adjourned. We have to wait for the date of listing.

P Gangadhara Rao GS


Our CHQ TREASURER Com Vittoban is shifting his residence.

All CSs are requested to ensure that CHEQUES, MONEY ORDERS, DDs, REGISTERED LETTERS etc are NOT SENT to his existing address by any one from their circles, till further information. New address will be intimated to you after his settlement there.

P Gangadhara Rao GS


All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers - AICPI (IW) FOR FEBRUARY 2019 remained stationary and stood at 307.

Therefore We are entitled for 2.6 % IDA increase from 01-04-2019.

Total IDA will be 141.4%


As intimated earlier and as a follow up action Coms M K Bagchi, Anupam kaul and SS Nanda met Member (S) and DDG (Estt.) Yesterday and handed over a copy of short and crisp letter addressed to Secy (T) regarding the communication from pension department and requested them to send a concrete proposal to that department early.

Our leaders got the information that Secretary (T) has sought a 'Note' from Additional Secretary (T) on the issue of pension revision. They also got the information that the 'Note' is ready.

Our leaders could not meet Secretary T as she was out of station and could not meet Additional Secretary T also as he was otherwise busy.

Our leaders shall continue their efforts in the coming weeks

Letter to Secretary, DOT

P G Rao


Today (26-03-2019) CBMPA members Coms M.K.Bagchi, Anupam Kaul and S.S.Nanda met Officers in Pension Department and enquired about the position on PENSION REVISION.

They were informed that the DOT has not yet replied to their communication dt 14-01-2019. Further they were informed that another letter was sent to DOT on 08-03-2019 in which they have once again asked for reply to their communication dated 14-01-2019. In addition they have attached our letter dt 12-02-2019 addressed to Secretary, DOP&PW and sought comments of DOT on that. The copy of that letter was endorsed to Convenor, CBMPA. The same is exhibited below. Our leaders in Delhi will take follow up action in Sanchar Bhavan .

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CEC meeting of Tamil Nadu Circle was held on 15th & 16th March '19 at KUMBAKONAM.

Com. P Gangadhara Rao GS has opened a STONE CARVED PLAQUE in front of GM's office and our Association Flag was hoisted by him. On behalf of CHQ ,Coms. D Gopalakrishnan VP, A Sugumaran VP, K Muthiyalu DGS, and S Arunachalam AGS have graced the occasion. Com. V Rama Rao Asst. Treasurer CHQ and Circle President , presided over the two - day CEC meeting. Nearly 200, including Circle Office Bearers, District Secretaries and activists from nearby SSAs have attended the meeting.Regarding PENSION REVISION, Tamil Nadu Circle Executive has decided to convey to CHQ to wait till Next Government formation and seek LEGAL REMEDY if it is not settled with in Three months.

............... P Gangadhara Rao GS ......


Coms D.Gopalakrishnan , A.Sugumaran, K Mutyalu, V.Rama Rao, Arunachalam, R.Venkatachalam and Com P Gangadhara Rao met at Kumbakonam on 15-03-2019 and decided the following.

In view of Com PSR's eye problem , the work hitherto done by him will be shared by

1. P Gangadhara Rao Maintenance of WA Groups

2. V. Vara Prasad Maintenance of Website

3. Sugumaran Pension Patrika Work

. . . . . . . . . . P Gangadhara Rao


Com V. Ramarao President, AIBSNLPWA, TN Circle said that the Association have collected Rs14 lakh from its 13,000 members for taking up relief and restoration works in the Gaja-affected areas.

Out of this, a sum of Rs 8.50 lakh was spent for distribution of clothes, bedsheets and other materials and towards disbursement of 4,000 kilograms of rice to the affected people in Vedaranyam, Pattukottai, Tiruvarur and Thiruthuraipoondi areas on 4th December 2018.

The remaining amount of Rs 5.50 was donated for the renovation of the damaged buildings at the Thiruvalluvar Arul Neri Middle School, run by the Kundrakudi Aadheenam at Korukkai in Thiruthuraipoondi block, Tiruvarur district.The two classroom blocks, having latest zinc sheet roofs and separate entrances to five classrooms, could accommodate 175 students comfortably.Two buildings at a middle school in Korukkai in Thiruthuraipoondi block was rebuilt by the All India BSNL Pensioners Welfare Association and handed over to the school authorities.The keys of the newly constructed classrooms were handed over to the school headmaster Sri Rajendran, on 17-3-2019 by Com V.Ramarao and Circle Secretary Com R.Venkatachalam & Com K.Mutyalu (Dy GS). CHTD Circle has also contributed to these relief activities & renovation. Com Kannappan CHTD Circle Treasurer , thro whom information on school condition is known and Com Krishna Murthy ACS CHTD have also participated.


Through out the world Women's day is observed on 8th of March . For the last 6 years our SSA unit of AIBSNLPWA, THANJAVUR (Tamil Nadu) has been observing every year with more participants and with lot of enthusiasm and zeal.

On 14-3-19, Coms. D Gopalakrishnan VP, P Gangadhara Rao GS,and V Rama Rao , Asst. Treasurer CHQ were the Guests at THANJAVUR. Sri.Vinod PGM BSNL attended as a special invitee. From 10 -17 hrs nearly 300 women members were present along with equal number of men.

It was a unique gathering with lot of activities like Birthday/ Marriage day celebrations, honoring Super Senior Citizens, speeches by Guests, sumptuous Lunch, debates, competitions, prize distribution and finally ending with honoring all activists.

Women's day is being celebrated by our Association in most of the Districts in Tamil Nadu after a decision was taken in Tirunelveli Circle Conference held in 2014. But it is UNIQUE in Thanjavur in so many ways .

Really a memorable event. Congratulations to Com. Swaminathan DS and his dedicated team of more than 20 members.

P Gangadhara Rao GS


STR Division Chennai has reached a magic figure with 1001 membership as on 12-03-2019. CHQ congratulates Com Sudarakrishnan DS and his team for their relentless efforts in crossing a land mark of 1000. Please keep going ahead.

------------------------ ---------------------------- ----------------------- P GANGADHARA RAO , GS


First District Unit of AIBSNLPWA in SOLAN (SSA) of Himachal Pradesh has been formed. Comrades Baldev Singh , M S Mehta , Madan Lal Sharma have been elected as District President, District Secretary & Treasurer respectively.

CHQ congratulates the new elected office-bearers for their initiative and Welcomes the newly formed District Branch.

.......................................................................................................... P Gangadhara Rao , GS


Orders for Dearness Relief for DOT retirees/family pensioners w.e.f 01-01-2019 released.

Click here : dr-order-mar-2019.pdf


In continuation to the previous list dated 27-02-2019, our Office-bearers met the following Union Ministers and MPs at the Places shown below :


10) ARRAH - BIHAR - Sri Raj Kumar Singh, Minister of State for Power/Renewable Energy


28) SRIPERUMBUDUR - TAMILNADU - Sri K N Ramachandran

29) KARUR - TAMILNADU - Sri M Tambidurai , Deputy Speaker Loksabha

30) PATIALA - PUNJAB - Sri Dharamvir Gandhi


1.Lucknow … Sh.Rajnath Singh, Home Minister

2.Meerut ..... Sh. Manoj Sinha, Communication Minister

3.Hyderabad ..... Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Law Minister

4.New Delhi ..... Sh. Suresh Prabhu, Min for Commerce & Indusrtries

5.Jabalpur ...... Sh. Nitin Gadkari, Minister Surface Transport

6.Madurai ... ... Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Law Minister

7.Sambalpur ...... Sh. Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister for Petroleum

8.Sambalpur ...... Sh. Jual Oran, Minister for Tribal Affairs

9.Patiala Smt. Harsimrat Kaur, Minister for Food Processing

1.Alathur Kerala ... ... Sh. P Biju MP

2.Attingal, Kerala .... ...Dr. A Sampath MP

3.Bhimavaram.... .... Smt. Thota seethavaramma MP

4.Calicut ..... Sh. M K Raghavan MP

5.Chalakkudi, Kerala .. .... Sh. A Innocent MP

6.Chennai ... ... Dr. P Venugopal MP

7.Chennai ... ... Dr. Jayavardhan MP

8.Chennai ... ... Sh. La Ganesan Ex MP and BJP leader

9.Chennai ... ... Sh. R S Bharathi MP

10.Chennai .... .... Sh. K N Ramachandran MP

11.Eluru .... .... Sh. Maganti Babu MP

12.Ernakulam ... ... Prof. K V Thoms MP

13.Erode,TN ... ... Sh. Selvakumarchinnayan MP

14.Jabalpur ... ... Sh. Prabhat Sahu MP

15.Kollam ... ... Sh. N K Premachndran MP

16.Krishnagiri TN ... ... Sh. K Ashokkumar MP

17.Narasapuram .... .... Sh. Gokaraju Gangaraju MP

18.Palakkad ... ... Sh. M B Rajesh MP

19.Patiala .... .... Sh. Dharam Vira Gandhi MP

20.Pondicherry ... ... Sh. R Radhakrishnan MP

21.Pondicherry ... ... Sh. N Gokulakrishnan MP

22.Salem ... ... Sh. V Panneerselvam MP

23.Sivaganga, TN... .... Sh. P R Senthinathan MP

24.Thanjavur ... ... Sh. K Parasuraman MP

25.Trivandrum ... ... Dr. Sasi Tharoor MP

26.Tuticorin ... ... Sh. Thiagaraj Natterjee MP

27.Udaipur …… Sh. Arjunlal Meena MP

[The new names, when received, will be given in List 2].... PSR